Hi Everyone!
Christmas day my best friend and I took a trip to Florida. Our trip was very spontaneous. For the most part, the restaurants we went to were unplanned. I highly suggest visiting Disney world and all their theme parks.
I had an awesome time meeting new people and eating out. I highly suggest small restaurants to eat out, that's where they have their authentic food.
Some suggestions.
1. rent a car
2. book your plane ticket in advance
3. try airbnb
4. Try different foods
5. It's humid expect big hair

Day 1.
We went to Miami. Stayed there until midnight. Miami's lifestyle seemed very tourist like. The drive from Orlando to Miami was not too bad. The beach was nice and clean. That day we went to a small hidden restaurant. I had fried tacos for the very first time.

Day 2.
The longest day of my life. On this day we went to both Magic Kingdom Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios. I had a great time in both theme parks. I purchased my very first Minnie Mouse ears. We did many tourist things such as taking pictures everywhere. I can say we were being EXTRA.

Day 3.
Another long day at Disney World. On this day we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Now I am no Disney gal but I really enjoyed being in the Animal Kingdom. I loved seeing how tropical it looked. The rides were amazing, especially the Pandora ride.

Day 4.
On this day I went to Tampa Florida, it was about an hour and 45-minute drive.  We went to different restaurants and heard live music. We even got in for free to see a show.

Day 5.
We headed back to Orlando and finished our trip at a local restaurant. The restaurant was called sweet mama's the waitress there was super sweet. Food was amazing and I had a vegan charlie brown bread.

Overall, I had a great time the people were wonderful.  Where should I travel next?
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