1. Get there early, parking can get crazy.
2. Use old comfy shoes.
3. Bring a jacket for the morning uphill.
4. Water when coming down.
5. Use the restroom before going up there are no porta-potties unless you want to go into the wilderness hahaha
6. Take pictures.
7. Decided whether you want to do the front or behind sign trail.
8. Bring a fun friend.
9. Go have breakfast, brunch at a homie place. I went to The Kitchen
10.  Have Fun!
Hi Nooks, 
I am going to start a new thing, where I share my top 5 favorites for each month. 
Let's start! 
If you know me you know that skin appearance is crucial for me. I have acne prone skin that is super sensitive, I have to be really careful which products I use. Last month my skin had an episode where it decided to break-out for no apparent reason. I tried facials which made it worst, yikes! until I came across this video from youtube stating that acne prone skin benefits the most from gel-based cleansers and moisturizers. I ran quickly to Ulta and purchased their Clinique moisture surge, it has made wonders for my skin. 
I am also using each night a toner by Clinique it has helped my skin so much. 
My next current favorite is TOO FACE MASCARA Better than sex, I just love how it leaves my lashes feeling extra long and voluminous. 
Since I get my lashes extra long and voluminous from Too Face Mascara I follow up with using Elf's eyelash curler, it down wonders for my eyes. 
I am an Educator and half the time I get extra lazy and hesitate waking up each morning to style my hair. I have found alternatives to using Batiste Dry Shampoo, I can go up to 3 days without washing my hair which helps so much!
There you have it these are my top 5 favorite products for the month of January! Let me know if you try any of these, until next time. 

Hi Nooks, 

It’s that time of year again, engagement, prom, wedding season etc. If you are planning your perfect wedding and have no idea where to start I suggest OKDRESS for some inspiration. OKDRESS is an online store with so many elegant dresses that are inexpensive. I know that planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive. I’ve had some friends ask what are my suggestions which I find ironic because I’m not even married. I was scrolling around OKDRESS and came across the bridesmaid dresses, let's just say to die for. I came across this lovely bridesmaid dress it satin material and the jewerly on it is beautiful. If you like shorter dresses compaired to the first birdesmaid dress this is a cute alternative.


                                              DENIM: HOLLISTER || SWEATER: SIMILAR \ SIMILAR || HEELS: DELICIOUS



Hi Nooks, 
I hope you are all having an awesome day! Are you ready for the weekend? I am! Let's just say Friday is my favorite day of the week, its considered my weekend. Here, I am casually standing in the middle of the road hoping that no one will come up the hill at 70 mph. I am wearing my favorite black ankle booties from Aldo. These booties are super comfy to walk in and stylish. Yes, I am wearing yet another sweater, I'm telling you all these upcoming blog posts are dedicated to my new obsession. Have a lovely weekend do something adventures. 


Hi Nooks, 
It's been some time since I've posted an actual outfit. I took a break from social media and dedicated some time to myself, I highly suggest you all do that. 
I went up the Lytle Creek trail to capture these images, there's something about going up that road. Anyways, I've been obsessed with oversized sweaters and you'll be seeing more of that in the following blog post. Denim's are from Levi's, and they are the comfiest jeans I've worn. I can't wait to share the other post with you all. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and did something fun. 

Hi Nooks,
This is part II of my previous photoshoot with Celine. I had so much fun this day. I can not wait for many more memories.
 If you are from Southern California I highly suggest you check her work out. She does everything, from newborn photoshoots to Weddings.  
If you know me personally you know that I'm an awkward human being but she makes you feel so comfortable and this was my first photoshoot out in the public eye.  You can definitely tell I was comfortable throughout the pictures.
I hope you guys have an amazing three day weekend. Go do something fun/crazy.

Hi Nooks, 

If you are from Southern California, you know its still Summer. Here are some cute items from ZAFUL to kick-start your inspiration for Winter Season. 

I am obsessed with their oversized sweaters. We all know that we packed up some pounds during the Holiday season so these cute baggy sweaters are a must. 

I am also obsessed with these two types of denim. I'm a simple gal but this year I want to venture out and try different denim styles. 

What are your thoughts on oversized sweaters?

Hi Everyone!
Christmas day my best friend and I took a trip to Florida. Our trip was very spontaneous. For the most part, the restaurants we went to were unplanned. I highly suggest visiting Disney world and all their theme parks.
I had an awesome time meeting new people and eating out. I highly suggest small restaurants to eat out, that's where they have their authentic food.
Some suggestions.
1. rent a car
2. book your plane ticket in advance
3. try airbnb
4. Try different foods
5. It's humid expect big hair

Day 1.
We went to Miami. Stayed there until midnight. Miami's lifestyle seemed very tourist like. The drive from Orlando to Miami was not too bad. The beach was nice and clean. That day we went to a small hidden restaurant. I had fried tacos for the very first time.

Day 2.
The longest day of my life. On this day we went to both Magic Kingdom Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios. I had a great time in both theme parks. I purchased my very first Minnie Mouse ears. We did many tourist things such as taking pictures everywhere. I can say we were being EXTRA.

Day 3.
Another long day at Disney World. On this day we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Now I am no Disney gal but I really enjoyed being in the Animal Kingdom. I loved seeing how tropical it looked. The rides were amazing, especially the Pandora ride.

Day 4.
On this day I went to Tampa Florida, it was about an hour and 45-minute drive.  We went to different restaurants and heard live music. We even got in for free to see a show.

Day 5.
We headed back to Orlando and finished our trip at a local restaurant. The restaurant was called sweet mama's the waitress there was super sweet. Food was amazing and I had a vegan charlie brown bread.

Overall, I had a great time the people were wonderful.  Where should I travel next?