Happy Monday! I hope you are all snuggled and warm. I would like to share with you all some tips on being savvy shopper on a budget. Most of us including myself, sometimes end up purchasing clothing items that we wear ones and never again. I know I’ve dealt with that issue too many times. Just between us, a couple of weeks back I cleared out a full dressers and got rid of clothing that I had not worm in ages, and thought to myself what on earth was I thinking. This issue of what was I thinking happens too many times, when I see clothing items marked at 75% off. I get fooled into buying cheap poorly made items. Sometimes I do see good quality items marked at a lower price. With this said there are ways to look fashionable on a budget. Below, I have listed seven top tips on being a savvy shopper. Number one, stop, stop, stop, don’t just buy it because it is cheap, sure it may be cheap but are you actually going to wear this item more than ones? Number two, sure it is beautiful, elegant, a one of a kind item, stop! Let’s be honest will you be wearing this more than ones and is worth it? Number three, shop online, I know most of us are scared to shop online because we are not sure if it will fit properly but let me assure you most of these sites allow you to exchange or return the item. Number four, wait for clearance and sales I always tell myself if it is meant to be than it will go on sale or clearance. Number five, add everything you want in the shopping cart (online) wait two days return back and see if you truly want to buy the item. You will be amazed to find out that some items you did want while the others you did not. Number six, always head first to the clearance section first. Number seven, do not be afraid to enter small shops, sometimes they are the ones with the best deals. Below, I have listed a couple of online sites that I enjoy purchasing my clothing and shoes from.

HM  || GoJane || Nordstrom Rack || Forever 21 || Old Navy || Ross || TJMAXX || Burlington
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