Hope you all have had a wonderful week. I've been very busy lately which cuts into my blogger time. Hopefully, I get back into the routine soon. This day I wore this beautiful maxi dress, it is very comfy and the pattern is amazing. I paired up the dress with bootie heels and added my brown Dooney handbag. Thank you so much for stopping by to read and hope you have a wonderful day! 
xo, Monica 

Hello lovelies it has been a long week. Hope you guys enjoy!
xo, Monica

16 cups of water
1 cup of chia seeds 
Sugar  / Honey for taste 
8 bags of tea bags


Medium size pot
2 Tall Mason Jar or any tall jar
Chia seeds
Mint Green Tea
Sugar / Honey

1. Put 6 cups of water to boil in pot (bring to a boil)
2. Add 8 mint green tea bags to hot water.
3. Let it sit in for 15 minutes.
4. Add one cup of chia seeds and 6 cups of room temperature water to tall jar. 
5. keep stirring chia seeds if jar is not big enough you can split it into two tall jars and just keep stirring chia seeds. 
6. Combine, mint green tea (cool), chia seeds, sugar/honey the last  4 cups of water into tall  into a tall jug and stir away!
7. Enjoy with your favorite mug, cup, mason jar. 

xo, Monica 

Skirt Similar | Blouse Similar - Similar |  Blazer Similar | Heels RAMPAGE | Handbag Handbag Dooney
Happy Friday everyone, It has been a wild week full of adventure. I never imaged myself dressing professional haha. I like it :) What I've learned dress comfortable and always put your best foot forward. Hope yall have an awesome weekend and stay cool. 
1. Own a pair of LOW  black heels
2. Have three cute blazers that fit your body well. (grey, navy, black)
3. Pencil skirts!!!! make sure they aren't too fitted but just perfect. 
4. Cute Bowtie blouses are a must. 
xo, Monica


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