This picture was taken 3 days after I arrived from my trip. My skin tends to react crazy due to climate change. I broke out on my forehead and around my smile lines (yes, I did pick at it which you should never do). Luckily, when I arrived home there was a package waiting for me from Dickinson’s Hazel Hydrating Toner. Now, I am no avid user of toners of any kind but I am giving Dickison a try and see what happens. This toner is meant to hydrate and nourish skin with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. My favorite part is that it is an alcohol-free formula which is meant to remove impurities. Let see how my skin looks like within a week. - JULY 19, 2016
*Have not noticed a difference.

DAY 2 
So far my skin seems firm. Most of the spots have dried. I have noticed less oiliness on my forehead. - JULY 20, 2016
* Slight difference, with skin texture.

My skin has had no new breakouts! All current acne has dried up. Now, I am left with dark spots on my forehead. So far so good.- JULY 21, 2016
*Acne is dried

I am so pleased with this toner. My acne is gone all I'm left with is dark spots. My skin feels soft and clean. Cannot wait for day 7. - JULY 22, 2016. 
*Acne all gone skin feels soft and clean.

I am beyond pleased with the results I got within a week. Here goes my honest review on Dickinson's Hydrating Toner. Within one week my active acne has vanished. As mentioned my skin does not do well in weather change and within a week my skin acted up and broke-out around the hairline and forehead. Thanks to Dickinsons's Hydrating Toner, my skin has gone back to normal. It feels less oily and firm. I will be adding this product to my skin regimen. It is very inexpensive and a must try product. Thank you for reading! 
xo, Monica
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