I just wanted to thank Modest Fashion Newtwork (MFN) for featuring me in their blog-site. It is such an honor to be part of such an awesome organization who want to spread positivity towards young ladies.  I wish I would have discovered this site sooner. Please, check out their site MFN, MFN offers so much inspiration and ideas on how to; dress, reflect, learn, influence in a positive way. I remember growing up and thinking that in order to get someones attention meant dressing immodest. But now that I am older and God has been part of my life I have learned that I do not need to please others, was born to honor God. Young ladies, please seek God first and he will do the rest, have faith. Thank you all for reading and remember remain Lovely. 

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."- Camille Pissarro



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I hope you all had a lovely Sunday. For the past few days I have been pretty busy and I cannot wait for Summer break and to be finished with all these test. I have been overwhelmed these past few months but I know that God is with me. I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with blessings. Remember remain lovely.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” - J.M. Barrie


I hope you are all having an awesome weekend. Today I went out with my mother and sister to the mall and boy was it full. You know something I never really liked crowed places which is why I would rather do online shopping instead of roaming around each store. I've been thinking that this summer I will be definitely sporting long maxi dresses and skirts. Long maxi's just add an elegance to any top that you are wearing. I've never liked the heat nor summer but at times just smelling the warm summer breeze brings back so many memories which will never replay. So enjoy your life and your youth, with all of this said stay cool and remain lovely!

Every summer has a story. ♥— Unknown

Jesus is Loving...

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I was roaming around youtube and I found this video named "Jesus is Loving Barabbas", if you ever get the chance to see it do so each word has so much significance. We can see the true love that God has for us. Sometimes we forget what Jesus has done for us, it should have been us on that cross but no, it was Jesus, he took the beatings, the spitting, the hateful words  and lastly taken to the cross and crucified for us, just so we can be free.  I know this is different from the usual but remember Jesus loves us and do not give up seek for eternity and not earthly.

"I am seeking for the bridge which leans from the visible to the invisible through reality."- Max Beckmann


Where should I begin, lately I've been in a state of aww, for various reasons (but it shall be a secret for now ). I am very excited for this new chapter in my life, I am very grateful, God has always been so good to me. I hope that everyone finds comfort within themselves and within their homes. With this said have a safe Spring break and remember change is good. I wore this last Sunday, it is a white lace skirt paired with a light blue cardigan, nude heels and white long sleeve shirt.  Remain Lovely!

If you're reading this...Congratulations, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.” ― Chad Sugg,