Quick update, this post will be a little different from the usual fashion post. Lately I have been overwhelmed with life. I called it my quarter-life crisis ha. But in reality it is just myself trying to control my life when in reality I know who is in control. I found this article by Buzzfeed and took out some pieces that relate to my current situation.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday and remember Jesus is in control! Remain Lovely. 

1. You’ve been daydreaming about doing something crazy.
2. …but you feel paralyzed by indecision.
3. You feel increasingly nostalgic for your high school and college days.

4. The idea of making a budget terrifies you.
5. You have a sudden, intense fear of failure.
6. You constantly compare yourself to your friends who are your age…
7. You feel like your twenties aren't turning out how you expected they would.

Sooo… now what? If you feel like you’re in the throes of your own quarter-life crisis.
Remember that life isn't a race.Loosen your expectations, and find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

Mini Inspiration for Spring
pink tulle

pretty in peach

Spring #style

Spring Style: Cropped Top and Floral Full Skirt

color, dress, shoes

Floral with a lace skirt! It needs a brightly colored mani to match!
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