I wanted to share with you all my acne story. I had suffer from acne since I was 13 years old. Acne can cause many issues such as depression, insecurities and self judgment. For years I had struggle with acne and at age 23, I had had enough. I decided to invest and try Accutane. I went to a local dermatologist and I was prescribed Accutane. Yes, there are many side affects but do not be alarmed they are not too dangerous. Below I will list the pros and cons of Accutane (keep in mind this is what i went through and the cons might not be the same for everyone!).
1. Costly- it will get expensive up to $300 every month
2. Chapped lips
3. Rapid mood swings
4. Back aches and knees
5. Depression here and there

1. Clear clean within 4 months
A lifetime of Clear Skin!!!!!!

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