Happy New year everyone! Wow we made it! 2015 a whole new year to learn, grow and experience life. I hope that everyone's year goes as planned. I wanted to remind you all that beauty is everywhere so smile. If you didn't smile enough or laugh last year this year make it one of your first priorities. Sometimes we take things for granted (I've been there) and we should be grateful everyday. Perhaps some of you guys New Year Resolution might be weight loss but I say lets get out of our comfort zone and have other resolutions.This year I plan to be less selfish and more giving. I have many new years resolution but I figured I should ask for consent from God before doing anything.

This year I plan

1.To Love < 3 more
2.Be Happy
3.Laugh More
4.Be Grateful
5.Cherish moments
6.Live Freely
 7.Give more
8.Have a free spirit
9.Renew my Friendship with Christ
10.Ask less and Give more
11.Be Patient
12.Be Humble
13.Be Kind

any many more but only time will tell

Well I hope you all had a pleasant New Years with your loved ones, "I sure did"! I hope that every plan is accomplished with grace. Love you all and remember remain Lovely Ala Mode. I leave you with Brad Paisley quote.                                                                                                                                                    

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