Hello Ladies,
Where should I start? My day did not start until 3:00 p.m., I know ? What could I have been doing? Well to be completely honest neither do I. My parents and I headed out to Los Angeles, I know many do not like it out there but to me it feels like home.  I grew up in Los Angeles and I just love the vivid, if I could live there again I would move in a heartbeat. I took a picture of the Observatory (to your left you can see downtown LA) which is one of my favorite places to go. I remember as a child my dad taking us up there every summer (we practically knew the whole place). The best part is going at nights where you just feel that summer cool air hit your skin and the smell of roasted pine cones (close your eyes, lovely isn't it). We did not stay up there too long only three hours (I know right?) then we headed out to Tommy's burgers one of my favorite burger joints yummers (FYI I lived a minute walking distance from there) !!! In all good news I hope you all had a blessed day and thanks for reading. One more thing meet my Dads pride and joy Oreo.


 photo 102_5333_zpsed79dde3.jpg  photo 102_5331_zpsd004ea62.jpg  photo 102_5332_zpseb0009b0.jpg

This small cliff here reminds me of what my Professor said (FYI all his words of wisdom I took to heart) " Well students if you ever get marry and you are completely going psycho, take your spouse to a cliff and push them" HA I am only joking or em I? ;) hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Meet Oreo 

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