Hi Ladies,
This is Wednesday outfit. Today, I spent a relaxed day shopping and no I did not buy anything only one item (shopping intervention has been working). I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday and by the way it has been extremely hot here in Southern California I cannot wait for the fall . I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday and remember stay lovely Ala Mode and Thanks for reading.

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I just noticed I have a horrible obsession with nude shoes lol. I promise these over here are different from last weeks post HA!

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One of my evil temptations PIZZA Mama Mia!
 Hello Ladies,
Where should I start? My day did not start until 3:00 p.m., I know ? What could I have been doing? Well to be completely honest neither do I. My parents and I headed out to Los Angeles, I know many do not like it out there but to me it feels like home.  I grew up in Los Angeles and I just love the vivid, if I could live there again I would move in a heartbeat. I took a picture of the Observatory (to your left you can see downtown LA) which is one of my favorite places to go. I remember as a child my dad taking us up there every summer (we practically knew the whole place). The best part is going at nights where you just feel that summer cool air hit your skin and the smell of roasted pine cones (close your eyes, lovely isn't it). We did not stay up there too long only three hours (I know right?) then we headed out to Tommy's burgers one of my favorite burger joints yummers (FYI I lived a minute walking distance from there) !!! In all good news I hope you all had a blessed day and thanks for reading. One more thing meet my Dads pride and joy Oreo.


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This small cliff here reminds me of what my Professor said (FYI all his words of wisdom I took to heart) " Well students if you ever get marry and you are completely going psycho, take your spouse to a cliff and push them" HA I am only joking or em I? ;) hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Meet Oreo 

Hello Ladies,
This is Saturday's out of the day, oddly enough the day almost seemed as if it were going to rain but sadly enough it did not. By the way if you live around Glendora Ca Angelo's Burgers are savory. I hope you are all having an awesome weekend with your loved ones and again thanks for reading!

Hello Ladies,

 I hope you are all having a great week. Lately, I have been missing autumn (I love autumn) I would have to say that autumn is my favorite season. At times here in Southern California the wind will pick-up and blow the airy smells of fall. In good news fall is almost here and I am very excited. Again Thanks for reading and I cannot wait for the weekend!!!

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Get the Styles
1. Striped peplum cardigan
1a. peplum has grey and black stripes
2. Black skirt
3. Black Ballet flats 
Hello Ladies, 
 Can you believe it tomorrow is Monday so much for the weekend eh? Church was awesome as always God is Good and remember everything is in his hands whether it be big or small just have faith and patience Jesus loves you. I hope you all had good service today and remember put God first and everything shall fall into place. Have an awesome week and thanks for reading ! 


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Get the Style
1.  Black lace Long-sleeve peplum top
2. Coral Pink lace skirt
3. Tan Skirt underneath
4. Nude heels
5. Black strap around the waist

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Hello Ladies,
Can you believe it its Friday ! Today I went to renew my Substitute permit, I am dreading the new school year lol. In all good news this is what I wore today. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and thanks for reading!

Hello Ladies, 

 This is the outfit that I wore today. If you have a question whether black is my favorite color, the answer is yes, I love the color black. Lately, I've been super busy with tests (credentials/Masters) I pray that God gives me the wisdom to overcome all these test. In good news I hope you all are having an awesome week and again thanks for reading !

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Get the Style
1. Black Classy dress
2. Mary Jane Black wedges
3. Floral headband

   photo 71858a1b-dae5-4e38-80f5-1864faa59b86_zpsfa7f658a.jpg

 photo e6dd7e57-7837-4fb4-827f-941c6cfb9e46_zpsd67d4836.jpg

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! This is Sunday's outfit very casual.Service was unbelievable God's presence overflowed church, it was amazing! I hope and pray for more services like this. It has been such a blessed week and weekend I cannot wait to see what God has in-store for the upcoming days. Hope you all had an awesome service and thanks for reading. 

Get the Style
1. Light pink Chiffon long-sleeve blouse
2. Dark green or Army green pleated skirt
3. Tan boot heel 

Hello Ladies,
This is the outfit of the day, there is no flower on my shirt ( I am only kidding) it is massive. I am heading out to a family barbecue within a few hours.  hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and thanks for reading!!!

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Get the Style
1. Pink daisy long-sleeve shirt
2. gray/grey Leopard skirt
3. Brown Ballerina flats
   photo IMG_20140705_122923_zpsd9571f97.jpg  photo IMG_20140705_122921_zps3ac2e22a.jpg  photo IMG_20140705_122932_zps8569f191.jpg
Hi Ladies,
        This post is a casual 4th of July outfit, I am missing my red but to comprise I will add an accessories such as a red lace on my hair. Hope you like it and thanks for reading ! have a great 4th of July and blessed :)
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Get the Style1. White undershirt
2. White chiffon crop top
3. Long blue skater skirt
4. Tan gladiators 
 photo IMG_20140704_094516_zpsf396060e.jpg  photo IMG_20140704_094451_zps9d565aa3.jpg
Hi Ladies, 
 This is a quick casual outfit of the day. Let me tell you it has been blazing hot here in Southern California. Hope you all like this outfit.

 photo IMG_20140703_191154_zps2f103122.jpg
Get the Style
1. Wearing nude lace longsleeve shirt
2. Nude Flats
3. Cheetah print skirt
4. Gold rose watch 
   photo IMG_20140703_191059_zps4a4ac387.jpg  photo IMG_20140703_191206_zps984eb49e.jpg